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Mt Hutt Private Lessons

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Mt Hutt Private Ski Lessons Programs

New Zealand is a place that is the perfect spot for those who love a little adventure in their life. There are countless opportunities for thrill seekers. For ski lessons and programs, Mt. Hutt is the place to be. For an intro to heli-skiing, Mt. Hutt is one of the top skiing destinations in New Zealand. It is home to slopes that deliver challenges for skiers of different experience levels. Of course, before you tackle the slopes, you are probably going to want to spend some time with a qualified ski instructor.

There are a lot of people out there who would love to learn to ski, but who do not really like the idea of learning with a group. This is often what happens with ski lessons, as instructors try to help as many people as possible by providing lessons in a group setting. While this is fine for skiers who have had a little experience, it might not be so good for those skiers who are hitting the snow for the first time. Those are the folks who could benefit from more one on one time, not to mention the fact that they might not be that comfortable trying to learn in front of other skiers. More on lessons and programs...

Mt Hutt Private Ski Instructor 30 Years Experience

Mt Hutt Private Ski Lessons

The last thing that you want to do when you take to the slopes on is look foolish on your skis. Much of the fun that comes when skiing can be erased when you spend the majority of your time on your behind or face down in the snow. One of the best ways to avoid such snowy shame is to book a few private lessons with a Mt Hutt ski instructor. They can quickly show you the basics, which will help you get a handle on the basic maneuvers that will help you stay upright the majority of the time that you are out on the slopes.

There are a number of different options open to those looking to use the services of a ski instructor at Mt. Hutt. Families who live to ski together will love the kid’s lessons that are available. The little ones always have a real thirst for knowledge, and their desire to get out on the slopes with the big kids will have them really paying attention to what the instructor has to show them. In a private lesson with Neil, kids may ski with their parents in the same lesson. Read More...

Ski Instructor Mt. Hutt

Ski instructor Mt HuttWhen the winter months arrive, there are few activities as fun as taking to the slopes for a spot of skiing.

In New Zealand, it is Mt Hutt that is the premiere skiing destinations in the country, which may help explain why ski instructors are in such high demand. People flock there in huge numbers once the ski season begins, and it’s not all of them who have the experience necessary to take to the slopes.

The good news for those a little unsteady on their skis is that there are lessons for all ages and skill levels available in and around the Mt. Hutt area. More...

Ski Lessons Mt. Hutt

Ski lesson Mt HuttThe heat of summer makes it hard to think about skiing on the South Island of New Zealand, but the slopes are just a few short months away from opening, which is why skiers and instructors are already starting to get prepared.

Getting from Perth to Auckland is easy, with numerous flights heading in that direction, with a ton of daily flights on to Christchurch available to those who want to hit the slopes.

One great location that sits about an hour away from Christchurch is Mt. Hutt, which is fast becoming the go to location for those looking for some quality skiing. If you have never set foot on a set of skis before, a ski instructor Mt. Hutt might be a good idea before you take to the slopes. More...

Mt Hutt Economy Recovering

Earthquake recovery Although in comparison to early years Christchurch had a quieter time of things during 2014, but that doesn’t mean it should go unnoticed as there were still a few events good and bad that will remain in people’s minds for a while. Agriculture, weather, construction, sport business and politics all had a role to play in making 2014 a memorable one.

Dairy prices around Mt Hutt and Canterbury reduced by half over a nine month period.. More...

Mt Hutt Drone Videos

AlpsNew Zealand has quickly become one of the top tourist destination spots in the world, with Mt. Hutt high on the list of must visit places. This is especially true for those that like a little adventure in their holidays, as snow skiing and snowboarding are what drive many people to the area. When you go on a vacation like that, you want to have plenty of pictures and videos to remember it by, but it’s pretty hard to snap a selfie when you are roaring down a mountainside on a board or ski’s. Tourism New Zealand may just be able to help you out with that, but perhaps not in a way that you would have ever imagined. More...

Kids stay & slide free

AlpsThe half price deal makes the Methven Mt Hutt ‘Kids 4 Free’ campaign even more attractive. They’re delighted to offer a ’10 and under’ ski free deal for youngsters, part of a resort-wide community promotion that will see kids 10 and under stay, eat and ski for free for the entire winter season. More...