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Mt Hutt Metre of Snow

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The snow is piling up at Mt Hutt with a metre of fresh snow blanketing the mountain and more snow expected, setting up Mount Hutt for one of the best spring skiing seasons for years.

The Mt Hutt crew is holding out for the magic 1m dump to add to the ski area’s solid 1m base.

Snow has also settled all the way down to the bottom of the access road. The crew are on standby to access the mountain as soon as conditions allow.

More snow is expected for the remainder of the day and is forecasted to ease tomorrow. Excellent skiing and snowboarding on offer now & into the spring!

Everyone’s expecting fantastic skiing and riding conditions when the weather clears.

From July 1st

50 centimetres of fresh snow at Mt Hutt has set the High Country Ski Resort up nicely for great school holiday skiing and riding.

A massive storm has dumped snow for the past week at Mt Hutt leaving snow drifts up to 3 metres deep in some places on the mountain. The heavy weather closed the ski area and its access road today (Sunday).

Ski Area Manager Dave Wilson says the wind and snowy weather is expected to ease tonight and fine up to a great day tomorrow (Monday).

“We’re very happy, we are amped. This is a huge dump and while it will be wind affected, we’re looking forward to a powder day tomorrow. It’s shaping up to be the best day of the season so far.”

“This series of falls has dumped around 80cms of snow over the past week on an already good base. Once this weather clears we will look at the snow conditions to the bottom of the Towers Triple Chair to assess if we can open it”

Room for more at Mount Hutt College

There will be no need for a ballot of next year’s out-of-zone students at Mount Hutt College Methven.
The school has finalised enrolments for the coming year, and is pleased with a high number of enrolments at Year 7, but still has room for six or so out-of-zone places at this level.
Deputy principal Ian Sawers said a lower-than-previous intake from the school’s main contributor of Methven Primary School had created more out-of-zone places.
“It was what we expected, but the real satisfaction is that parents who are choosing to go to Mount Hutt from out-of-zone are not having to face a ballot. They have made a choice and we have been able to accept them,” Mr Sawers said.
This is the school’s third enrolment procedure after it began to operate with an enrolment scheme last year. It has not yet had to hold a ballot as the number of out-of-zone enrolments have not exceeded placement numbers.
Mr Sawers said 40 in-zone applications and 29 out-of-zone applications had been received for Year 7.
The 69 students would be divided into three classes of 23.
The out-of-zone students had come from areas throughout Mid Canterbury including Dorie, Longbeach, Mayfield, Ashburton and Tinwald.
At Year 8 there are 78 students, meaning there will be three classes of 26, and at Year 9 there are 75 pupils meaning there will be three classes of 25.
There were six new enrolments at Year 9, three from out-of-zone pupils and three from in-zone.
Mr Sawers said the school would formally advertise the remaining out-of-zone placements in September, but was open to enquiries in the meantime.
The remaining placements were mainly at Year 7 but there were limited numbers at other year levels.