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Mt Hutt ski area introduces multi-day pass flexibility in 2011

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Skiers and boarders heading to Mt Hutt ski area can benefit from improved pass flexibility and discounts this year. Mt Hutt ski snowboarding open June 11 2011.

Traditionally people who have bought more than one day pass at a time have had to use it within a fixed time frame. In 2011 there are no restrictions – snowsports enthusiasts can buy as many day passes as they like and use them throughout the entire season.

With the new multiday pass system, the first day pass at the mountain is at full price and every day thereafter -- each additional pass bought in a single transaction on one mypass – comes in at a discount of $5.

NZSki Sales and Marketing General Manager Craig Douglas said the new multiday pass system was tailored mainly towards people who knew they wanted to ski or ride for a number of days over the season, but weren’t sure when.

“If they live in Methven then the multiday pass system enables them to pick and choose their days according to the best weather or ski conditions, or when they want to go up with friends,” he said.

“It’s also ideal for those visiting Canterbury for a short ski holiday.

“Skiers or boarders can buy as many days on their pass as they want, and use them in blocks of days here or there, or as individual days. It’s totally up to them.”

Passes can be collected from the Snow Centre in Methven and bought at guest services at each mountain. Pass holders will need to pose for a photo for 2011 radio frequency (RF) mypass cards.

The NZSki mypass is a credit card sized card that serves as a convenient, reloadable lift pass. It can also store information and products and services such as rental equipment or Snowsports School lessons. The mypass means skiers and boarders can get onto lifts easily and quickly as they are automatically scanned by radio frequency.

Mt Hutt day lift pass costs $91 (Adult) $49 (Youth/Senior) and $70 (Student) and is valid from 9am to 4pm. Second and additional days on the multiday pass system cost $86 (Adult) and $47 (Youth/Senior) and remain at $70 (Student).

Eyes on the future ... the 2011 ski season is all about technology.

Snow geeks rejoice. The 2011 ski season is all about technology. Radio Frequency Identity lift passes may now be available in Thredbo, Perisher, Treble Cone and the NZSki fields of Mt Hutt, Coronet and Remarkables but snow tech is about so much more than swiping your pass. Think cameras, mobile apps, heated jackets, GPS and wired for sound helmets.

Personally I'm not one to video myself skiing but I have friends who won't set foot upon the snow without their helmet cam strapped to their head, their chest, their ski pole or their backpack. They upload their mini Miller masterpieces set to cheesey music onto Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter in the belief that we will salivate over their perfect turns the way they do.

Unless there's a spectacular stack, over the head powder or a celebrity involved I'm not watching. Call me old school but the ski lodge for me is a transit stop for a quick mulled wine, shake of the hair and slash of lipstick before hitting the apres and the chairlift is for chatting to strangers not reviewing your all-about-me footage.
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But for those so inclined there is some good news this winter. GoPro helmet cameras have brought out a 3D camera housing so you can touch yourself on screen on the playback, go on, we know you want to. Add a stack of iPhone Apps that allow GPS tagging on Google Earth complete with altimeters and speedometers so you can relive your finest moments and boast your speed to your friends who are not listening at the bar and you could have an entire ski holiday with friends without ever really connecting with them.

Skiing and snowboarding has always been a social sport but with Twitter and Facebook you can bring all your friends along on the chairlift, all nine hundred and sixty three of them. Who knows, maybe the real person on the chairlift next to you is actually your cyber friend. Take a photo of him/her load it up online and see if they comment.

Here's Snow It All's top 10 tech Tweeters, bloggers, techheads and must have items for 2011 (in no particular order).

1. The GoPro 3D housing - you'll need two GoPro cameras for this to work so save your pennies. They are both synched inside the 3D housing which comes with software for special effects.

2. Snowblind - a lifestyle raconteur blog from Mt Buller winter local, Lorraine Lock, for all that's happening on the Buller ground.

3. @snowreportsnz - for reliable snow and weather reporting across New Zealand follow these guys on Twitter.

4. The Ski Tracks app - download this iPhone GPS application and impress your friends with your vertical metres, speed and pitch on the slopes, geo tagged photos and a Google earth 3d capacity for instant playback of your day.

5. Snowpool - keep your carbon footprint down and carpool it to the slopes in Australia and New Zealand and make some friends along the way.

6. Liquid Image Goggle Cam - record your stacks from the ultimate point of view from within your goggles without any bulky added cameras. It shoots on HD in 720 or 1080 and has a variety of goggle lenses to suit the day's conditions.

7. Pow Gloves Transfilmer - you no longer have to freeze your knuckles off when getting a picture. The Pow Gloves Transfilmer index finger folds back to reveal your shooting finger. Check out the Pow Gloves Pho-tog as well.

8. Quiksilver Snow application - looking for web cams, snow reports, road reports and more in the palm of your hand? Download this handy app onto your smart phonoe and stay on top of the snow this winter.

9. Indoor dry slope training at SkiCity - need to get your ski legs? Get some endless dry slope training in at SkiCity, launching in Melbourne this month. Learn to ski with instructors or get some practice runs in before opening day.

10. @misssnowitall - pick me, pick me.