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Ski Lessons and Instructors at Mt. Hutt

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Ski Lessons Mt. Hutt

Ski lesson Mt HuttThe heat of summer makes it hard to think about skiing on the South Island of New Zealand, but the slopes are just a few short months away from opening, which is why skiers and instructors are already starting to get prepared.

Getting from Perth to Auckland is easy, with numerous flights heading in that direction, with a ton of daily flights on to Christchurch available to those who want to hit the slopes. One great location that sits about an hour away from Christchurch is Mt. Hutt, which is fast becoming the go to location for those looking for some quality skiing. If you have never set foot on a set of skis before, a ski instructor Mt. Hutt might be a good idea before you take to the slopes.

Your instructor will likely have you do some balancing drills and muscle warm-ups before you get to the learners hill. It may feel odd, but you’ll thank him for it once you strap the skis on. This is not to say that beginners are the only people you will find on the slopes here, as there are runs that cater to all different skill levels. For just $120, you can get all the equipment you need, a pass to the ski-lift, and a 2-hour session with a ski instructor Mt. Hutt if you need it.

Once you have all your gear on, your instructor will take you through a few safety drills that will help you get the right posture in place, as well as learning how to attach and release the skis quickly. This is something that you will definitely want to take the time to learn. Your natural instinct will be to want to hit the slopes right away, but your instructor will be well aware that learning a few more basics will help improve your experience. This includes learning to crab walk up the slopes that are a little less steep, and understanding how to use the edges of the skis to stop or slow down.

Ski instructor Mt HuttWe can almost guarantee that you are going to have a few spills along the way, but the beauty of learning to ski is that you get to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and listen to your instructor as he or she points out what it is that you are doing wrong. By the end of the first day, you will have learned a lot, and may even be able to get down the beginner’s slope without having to get off your behind during the ride down.

Once you day on the slopes is over, you can take the short ride back to Methven, which sits in the shadow of Mt. Hutt, and grab a bite to eat and maybe a nice glass of wine. Sure, you may feel a little stiff and achy when you wake up in the morning, but the sight of the snow on the slopes of Mt. Hutt will make you want to strap the skis back on and head back for your next lesson.