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Mt Hutt Private Lessons

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Mt Hutt Private Ski Lessons Programs

New Zealand is a place that is the perfect spot for those who love a little adventure in their life. There are countless opportunities for thrill seekers. For ski lessons and programs, Mt. Hutt is the place to be. For an intro to heli-skiing, Mt. Hutt is one of the top skiing destinations in New Zealand. It is home to slopes that deliver challenges for skiers of different experience levels. Of course, before you tackle the slopes, you are probably going to want to spend some time with a qualified ski instructor.

There are a lot of people out there who would love to learn to ski, but who do not really like the idea of learning with a group. This is often what happens with ski lessons, as instructors try to help as many people as possible by providing lessons in a group setting. While this is fine for skiers who have had a little experience, it might not be so good for those skiers who are hitting the snow for the first time. Those are the folks who could benefit from more one on one time, not to mention the fact that they might not be that comfortable trying to learn in front of other skiers.

In a group setting, you might well end up paying for several hours of lessons, but might only get a fraction of that as one on one time. If you really want to learn to ski as quickly as possible, it is private lessons that are the best option for you. When you go for private lessons, you get to spend much more time with a qualified instructor, which translates into you building confidence and skill on the slopes faster than you would if you were constantly stuck in a group.

Mt Hutt Heli-ski Lessons

In many cases, it is confidence that opens the door to your improving as a skier. This is why many people who have some level of experience seek out the help of instructors at Mt. Hutt. If it has been a while since you were on skis or you are getting back in the saddle after a bit of a spill, getting the confidence that you need via a private lesson can be enough to get you back out there on the big hills. Neil offers a heli skiing programme for intermediate to advanced skiers who want to ski real powder.

Many people think of skiing as an expensive sport, but you would probably be very surprised at how affordable it is to get into a private lesson with a qualified ski instructor at Mt. Hutt. Imagine being able to get 6 hours of instruction for just a few hundred dollars. That is a lot of valuable time to spend with someone who knows their way around a set of skis and you are guaranteed to see a marked improvement after just one of those extended private lessons. If you have always dreamed of skiing but lack the skill or confidence to do it right now, treat yourself to some private lessons at Mt. Hutt. If you want to ski, please book your private ski lesson with Neil Parker.